Škoda Felicia I

The car Skoda Felicia manufactured in 1959 is the first vehicle restored by our team, this represents a real example of the quality of work performed by our team in restoring a valuable classic vehicle from what was a badly damaged “wreck”. While restoring the car we tried all methods of obtaining parts and components – from repairing the original ones to manufacturing or purchasing new ones. The vehicle has been restored in an attempt to achieve the maximum period authenticity. With certain types of work, such as anti-corrosion treatment we applied current procedures in the interest of achieving a more durable restoration result. Having completed the restoration and driving some testing kilometres, when there was a continuing problem of inaccurate changing gears, we decided to move the gear-shift gate to the car´s floor. The Felicia is intended for the presentation of our restoration work or we offer it for hire. We have attended two classic car events with this vehicle where it received very positive responses.

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